Swift Job Placement:

Based in New York, New York, Es Vee EDP Placement Agency is making job placement simple for employers and job seekers. Those looking for jobs are given detailed feedback, and get personal and prompt attention from owner Steven Vanchel. Employers can trust us to find motivated candidates with excellent work ethic. Some candidates have remained with client companies for 15 years or longer.

Information Technology:

Placement within the information technology field is greatly facilitated through us. Interested candidates would be required to have just two or more years of experience in the area. Some examples of our IT staffing is that we are often able to offer include programming, infrastructure, and management staffing.

Accounting, Taxation & Finance:

We offer timely placement for accounting professionals and others in the financial industry. With two or more years of experience in your field, you can start qualifying for jobs in our network of client companies.

Sales, Marketing, & Communications:

Two or more years in sales, marketing, or communications may mean you qualify for jobs that are currently available through our client companies. Some positions that we commonly help fill would work with things like sales and service, marketing branding, and public relations.

Contact our job placement professionals in New York, New York, to find out more about seeking work or employees with us.